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6 Reasons Why The Virgin Mary Has So Many Names & Titles

“Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you.”

The Blessed Virgin is a shining model of virtue, sanctity and unyielding faith in the Lord. She is so widely celebrated across different countries . For us she represents a beacon of hope, the perfect mother, spouse, miracle advocate, and the list goes on.

The Virgin Mary is perhaps the one being of our faith that is known by the most number of different titles. From the Blessed Mother to Our Lady of Sorrows, her many names depict different aspects of her nature.

Why Does The Virgin Mary Have So Many Names?

Many of Our Lady’s titles have grown in popularity due to cultural reasons as well as in relation to Marian apparitions. We pray to Mary for a wide variety of needs and situations in our life and call upon her different titles for our needs.

All of Our Lady’s titles celebrate different aspects of her being as she means so many different things to different people. As a jewel she shines radiant with a myriad of colorful rays that should not blind us from the true representation of Our Lady.

Here are several reasons.

Praying for Different Intentions

People tend to invoke different titles of Mary for different prayer and adoration intentions. For instance the title Our Lady of Sorrows is depicted with 7 swords pierced through the sacred heart of Mary which portrays the 7 sorrows that she had to go through in the course of Christ’s death of on the cross.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help symbolizes the Virgin Mary’s eagerness to pray for our welfare and intercede for our petitions on our behalf.

Giving Praise For Her Virtue

There are also many titles given to Mary to honor her for all her merits and to serve as an example for us. Mary is called the Seat of Wisdom, the Star of the Sea, the Tower of David and the Mystical Rose. All these titles seek to glorify her for her greatness as well as offer praise.

Her Many Apparitions to Men

Over the years, the Blessed Virgin has also revealed herself a number of times to humanity, often bearing messages of hope and miracles. The apparitions that are approved by the Church are marked with a special title in honor of the holy event.

For instance Our Lady of Lourdes is a title that honors her multiple Marian Apparition in Lourdes where the Virgin Mary has performed many miracles of healing.

Dogmatic Titles

The Catholic Church also recognizes 6 formal titles of Mary. This does not mean that we should not praise her by her other titles, but rather that these titles correspond to the Churches teaching and dogmas concerning Our Lady.

Blessed Virgin Mary
Our Lady
Mother of God
Queen of Heaven
Immaculate Conception
Our Lady of Lourdes

The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Litanies are a form of prayer consisting of a series of petitions and invoking the various titles of Our Lady. You can read the full litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary here:

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