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6 Ways to Maintain God’s Values In A Confused & Disoriented World

Maintaining God's Values

Navigate the Chaos

Modern society is in a chaotic state. “But there is no war,” you may think. There could be no military war but good and evil are constantly fighting to win the hearts of men. The battle lines are drawn and the whistle is blown. Godlessness is now the order of the day. Blasphemy is no longer news.

Christians no longer mind their dressing code when going to church because ‘God only looks at the heart.’ Indeed, He does, but why did he prescribe a dressing code for the sons of Levi as they minister before Him? This is an indication that He is equally interested in how we maintain the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The little morality left in the church is being swallowed up by ungodly worldly trends. What is your place as a son/daughter in the kingdom of God? You should always uphold His values even in a disoriented world. Here is how you can do it:

Maintaining close fellowship with other believers

Fellowship is a congregation of believers sharing a common faith. They are the brothers and sisters with whom you can share your testimonies and build each other’s faith. The scriptures confirm that God is present in a fellowship of two or more people congregated in His name. Fellowshipping with other people will constantly remind you of God’s will for His people. They are like an alarm, always on time to remind you of your prior set engagements. A fellowship of believers will push you to uphold God’s values unlike the company of ungodly people who will discourage you from following God’s will.

Listening to testimonies of victory

What do the scriptures say about it? Apostle John writes that we shall overcome the world by the blood of the lamb and testimony of our mouth. Hearing the testimony of other people is encouraging and we are motivated to maintain God’s values because we shall be rewarded the way others have. A word of encouragement is important, especially in an unpredictable world. You become hopeful that you shall also conquer the chaos of the world. It is a guarantee that our efforts shall finally be crowned.

Strengthening your faith in God

Our faith in God is a constant that can help us emerge victorious in the end. Many discouraging things happen that can make us hopeless. Just like Job, you may be hard-pressed even by close people to deny the faith because they think that God has abandoned you. Be a person of faith and trust fully in God to see you through the difficult moments in your life. Unwavering faith in God shall be rewarded.

Be an active Christian

Active Christianity goes beyond church attendance. It is living the faith as God expects of us. The scriptures speak of us as a light unto the world. Light is not put under a bowl but on a stand to light the whole room. Maintaining God’s values is difficult if we want to hide our lifestyles from the world. The awareness that other people are being encouraged by how we live our lives will keep us on track. Your lifestyle can win over new believers because they want to live as you do.

Focus on God’s promise to believers

Apostle Paul likens Christians’ lives to a race that has its rules. Purity of soul and fidelity to God’s word is what you need to observe to win the race. In response to Simon Peter’s question, Jesus revealed God’s promise to believers. He said that they will receive many times as much in this age and eternal life in the age to come. Always reflect on these promises as you seek to maintain God’s values in a disoriented world. Nothing should steer you away from God’s path or you shall miss out on His promises.

Have a renewed mind

This is the mindset you need to have to successfully maintain God’s values. You will eventually give up in the end if you are a mere passive participant. Have a positive impact wherever you go. It will make you God’s ambassador to the nations. Dare to go against the current of ungodly modern trends. The Bible warns us against being conformed to the standards of this world. You should distinguish a progressive civilization from Satan’s tricks to erode God’s values in our lives.

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