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4 Immediate Ways To Call Upon Our Lady for Divine Intercession & Graces

Call upon Our Lady for Intercession & Graces today

Blessed Mary is one of the most important people in the bible as she is the mother of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. We know that she holds a special place in Christianity as she is the vessel through whom the Messiah came to earth. She gave birth to Jesus and raised him until the time for his ministry began.

Because of her central role in Christianity as the God-bearer and her closeness to God, Blessed Mary is considered one of the greatest saints. This is the reason why many people rightful call upon her during prayer for intercession. Unfortunately, many people do not know how best to do this to guarantee success.

In this article, we will share with you tips on how to call upon the Virgin Mary for intercession and graces.

1. Approach Mary with an open and empty heart

The Virgin Mary knows exactly who we are and what we yearn for. After all, she is perhaps the greatest saint and we believe she dwells with God in His heavenly abode. Therefore, when we approach her for assistance, we must do it with an open and empty heart. We must lay bare our hearts; we must tell what exactly afflicts us and what we really want.

Approaching Mary directly without hiding anything from her makes it easy for her to intercede. Because she will certainly see the pure intentions that we approach her with. Hiding our intentions when praying to Mary for intercession makes things difficult for us. This is because prayers made with hidden intentions and lack of sincerity are not answered positively.

God knows what is hidden deep in our hearts. He knows even the things we do not know are there. Therefore, when we approach Mary for intercession without pure intentions or with unjust intentions, our prayers are not granted.

So when you go down on your knees to ask Mary for her help, make sure you let her know the real you. Converse with her. Show her what you are really worried about. What you really desire. Like the Queen Mother she is, she will intercede and ensure your heart’s desires are acquiesced.

2. Approach the Virgin Mary trusting she can get you out of impossible situations

During the wedding at Cana, Mary noticed the wine was about to run out. In other words, she noticed the party was about to take a different direction. She asked Jesus for help.

Remember, to this very moment, Jesus had not yet performed any public miracle. Yet, she knew He is God and she trusted he had a solution to the impossible situation. Jesus granted her request for help and turned water into wine. Simply put, because of Mary’s request, Jesus stepped in and made the impossible possible.

This is why it is important to approach Mary in prayer trusting that she can get you out of tough situations. Nothing is too big for Blessed Virgin to intercede for you. No sin is too big to be forgiven and no blessing is too great to ask. Just pray to her and believe that she can help.

Take confidence that she is listening to you and will step in for you no matter what. If she stepped in for wedding goers to continue having fun, she can surely step in to help take away your hurt, your pain, your difficulties, or any other issue.

3. Call upon Our Lady in faith

When calling upon MARY for intercession, you must do it in faith. Prayer must be made in faith for it to work. Just simply praying and being 50:50 about whether Mary will hear your prayer and intercede is not going to be of much help.

Remember the story of the centurion and Jesus Christ. He went to Jesus personally and requested his assistance. But before Jesus started walking toward his house, he stopped Him. He told Jesus that there was no need for Him to go to his house. That His word is powerful enough for his servant (Mt 8:5–10).

The story above demonstrates faith. The centurion showed faith by being confident that the person he was talking to was powerful enough that just His word would heal His servant. This sort of faith is the one we should have when we approach Mary for help.

We should approach her with the confidence that she can help us. That she can step in and help. Not having faith during prayer is a recipe for failure. Because it makes it much more difficult for Mary and God to act.

4. Ask Mary to expedite the hour of grace for you

In 1947 in a small church in Italy, Our Lady appeared to a nun – Sister Pierina. She told her that she wanted an Hour of Grace kept every December 8th from 1200 hours to 1300 hours in all Catholic churches. Our Lady told Sister Pierina that whoever prayed during the Hour of Grace would have even their most impossible requests granted as long as they are in accordance to the Will of God.

This is how the Hour of Grace came to be and it is celebrated in Catholic churches every year on December 8th. It is a special hour when even the most impossible cases get resolved. Catholics who know this celebration and follow it religiously have benefited tremendously from it.

When you go to pray to the Virgin Mary somewhere in your room or somewhere else, request her to expedite the Hour of Grace for you. Request her to make the very minute you are praying your Hour of Grace. Being the Queen Mother, she can certainly step in and speed up the Hour of Grace for you.

Final Words

Don’t lose heart. I will never forsake you. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.

– Our Lady of Fatima

Whatever your needs are, whatever your wishes or your pains, approach Our Lady in prayer and ask her to intercede for you. You might not be in a position to get what you want directly from God at the time you are asking for it but through her intercession you can.

Ask in faith and she will heed to your call and make your wishes come true.

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