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Five powerful habits to become a holier Christian

“…Just as He who called you is Holy; be Holy in all you do. For it is written: be holy for I am holy…”.

– 1 Peter 1:15-16

God continues to remind us about the importance of Holiness. He demands it from us each day. We are called to be righteous even as we live in an imperfect world corrupted by sin. God shall grant you victory in your battle against sin and He shall put a new testimony on your lips.

As Christians we all strive to grow closer to God, to bask in his love and to share in his eternal kingdom. In a world full of sin & strife, can we truly live righteous lives and break free from the shackles of sin?

We are all created in the image and likeness of our beloved God, and are entrusted with the power to rule and subdue the earth. When God saw that our lives where plagued by sin, he gave up His only son to suffer in our stead, thus cleansing us from all transgressions, that we may be born again into righteousness.

Christ’s sacrifice gives us confidence and makes it possible for us to live a holy life. These are powerful habits to become a holier Christian:

1. Repentance

When people think about repentance, most will hold the misconception that it’s all about being “sorry” for your sins. More importantly, repentance is a necessary step towards reconciliation with God and the forgiveness of our sins.

God is observing what you will do after realizing that you have sinned. Will you sit back without a care in the world or you would be remorseful for your actions? Repentance makes you whole again. It is an opportunity to cleanse yourself with the blood of Jesus and receive the sacrament of penance.

King David was regarded as an important figure in the bible, but there were times when he too committed sin. For instance when he conducted a census in Israel against God’s command, and the time when he had Uriah killed because he was jealous of his wife. Without proper repentance & sincerity, he would have lost his fellowship with God and the divine connection.

2. Humility

God has this to say about Moses – he was more humble than everyone on the face of the earth. This is a vote of confidence in Moses’ personality; perhaps it was one of the reasons why God chose him for the mission of rescuing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

Divine humility is the ability to acknowledge other people in their strengths (which you could be lacking) and recognize your abilities without bragging. The opposite of humility is pride. This is the sin that made God chase Lucifer from heaven. He was kicked out because of pride. He also wanted to be worshiped in place of God.

When you are humble, you get closer to the Lord because you remind Him of everything that Lucifer is not. Humility will lead you to serve others without feeling entitled. Your service to others is a holy offering to God.

It is humility that made Moses a friend of God to the extent of fellowshipping with Him at the mountain for 40 days. Even in his weakness that caused him to sin (striking the rock with the staff instead of talking to it to give water), Moses continued to dwell in the presence of God. Acts of humility make Christians holier.

3. Faith

Faith is an act of holiness. God values it so much when you choose to trust Him blindly. It is impossible to follow someone without knowing where he/she is taking you. But Abraham did and it was counted righteous. Faith should be the lifestyle of a born-again Christian and you shall dwell in holiness all the days of your life.

Remember Abraham? The 75-year-old Abram did not question God’s call and God made him a father of many nations. Like Abraham, we can maintain our holiness by continually upholding our faith. A faithful Christian will guard his ways so that he does not fall from the grace of God. He eventually walks on the path to holiness.

4. Praying constantly

Praying is communicating with God. It is a divine moment to talk to and listen to God. He reveals Himself to you more and you get an opportunity to understand His will over your life. His will is for you to live a holier life that will be a testimony to the unbelievers.

A lot of things happen during prayer; the first is encouragement. God uses prayer as a moment of encouragement that you may continue to have faith. More so, prayer is a useful habit to walk in the ways of God and live a holier life. Remember Daniel, Shedrack, Meshack, and Abednego when they were in exile in Babylon?

They were prayerful young men who were not intimidated even by the King’s order to gag them from praying. Prayers made them live holier lives and God built a solid relationship with them. A prayerful Christian is unstoppable.

5. Fellowship

Fellowship is having a meaningful relationship with other believers as you get to know God better. The power of fellowship is in the unity of believers. We go to church to fellowship with like-minded people with whom we share one faith.

The testimony we get from each other during fellowship guides us on the paths to follow or not in Christianity. The Christian life is a journey that we travel in holiness. Fellowship is the fuel we need for this journey.

Jesus knew the secret of fellowship and encouraged His disciples to continue staying together even after He had left. This increased their unity and love for each other tenfold. They were each other brother’s keepers so that none of them was misled away from God’s holy calling.

A holy Christian is powerful because God can entrust him with His ministry. You do not need to become a “saint” overnight, but instead strive to constantly improve and grow your spiritual mileage with each passing day. Try to incorporate these five habits in your daily routine that will plant the seed of holiness in your life.

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