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6 Common Misconceptions to Avoid When Praying The Rosary

Praying the rosary

Praying the Rosary is a beautiful and powerful way to meditate on the mysteries of the life of Jesus and to draw closer to God. However, it’s easy to fall into certain pitfalls or make mistakes when praying the Rosary.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when praying the Rosary.

1. Praying The Rosary During Mass

It’s a mistake to recite the rosary during the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Sometimes people think they get “double graces” when doing both at the same time, but in fact you’re actually limiting yourself from being fully present in the moment when you multi-task! Pope Paul VI even warned against this practice.

Saying the rosary is a form of devotional prayer and should not be confused or mixed together during Church service. It’s always best to focus your attention during Mass, you can always pray the rosary after!

2. Do Not Just Go Through The Motion

We all know that the Rosary consists of a series of prayers that can quickly become a banal repetition. In fact, your not supposed to just repeat the prayers of the Rosary. If you notice, each decade of prayers actually has an intention that you wish to pray for.

This is the best time to focus your mind on your prayer intentions as well as a chance to meditate in the presence of Our Lady. The Rosary is not meant to be just a form of mechanical repetition.

3. “I Only Need To Pray The Rosary If I Need Something”

The Rosary is meant as a form of devotion and deep contemplation on the Catholic Mysteries and to reflect on ourselves. It allows us to spend time in the Prescence of our Holy Mother and to realign our thoughts. Whilst we can definitely pray for Our Lady to intercede on our prayer intentions, we should never adopt the mindset that we need to pray the Rosary only when we want something. Imagine if your child would only call on you when they wanted money or a favor? How hurt would that make you feel!

4. Skipping Over the Mysteries

Each decade of the Rosary is associated with a specific set of Mysteries, or events in the life of Jesus. It’s important to meditate on each of these Mysteries and allow them to enrich your prayer. Skipping over the Mysteries or not giving them the attention they deserve can diminish the power of the Rosary.

5. Racing Through The Prayers

The Rosary is a contemplative prayer and it’s important to take your time and allow yourself to enter into a state of peaceful contemplation. Racing through the prayers can prevent you from fully entering into this state of meditation.

One Surprise Misconception

Here’s an extra bonus that you may or may not have known. You don’t actually need a physical object or prayer beads to be able to pray the Holy Rosary! Whilst they serve as great aid for keeping track as well as getting into the meditative zone, we don’t actually require the physical rosary beads to pray the devotion to Our Lady. After all the true devotion lies within our hearts and that can never be replaced!


Praying the rosary is an extremely powerful form of devotion to Mary and should not be taken lightly or discounted as a “chore”. It requires very little sacrifice but opens up the door to Our Lady’s promised graces and divine intercession.

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