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7 Powerful Blessings When You Choose To Devote Your Life to Jesus

Devoting oneself to Christ

Devoting your life to Jesus is the best decision you can ever make. It is one of the highest acts of faith a person could ever do. It is especially difficult for just anyone to do it when they have not seen Jesus but only believed in Him and received salvation. Devoting your life to Jesus means that you fully trust God’s plan for your life and you are surrendering everything to Him.

The Journey of Complete Devotion to Christ

The journey of devoting your life to Jesus is not difficult provided you have submitted fully to the Lord. The 12 apostles of Jesus devoted their lives to the ministry when Jesus chose them. They followed Jesus everywhere he went. They left behind their families and jobs to follow Jesus. They were devoted to the ministry of the Messiah and did not complain about it even a single day.

Like Jesus’s disciples, you can also choose to devote your life to Jesus. It is selfless service and you do not expect to receive anything back. You will face challenges in the ministry but God shall lead you to overcome them each time. What do you expect when you devote your life to Christ?

1. Your mind will be renewed

Devoting your life to Jesus is an eye-opener. You will begin to see things in a different light from how you used to before. You will see mountains of challenges as opportunities to see the glory of God and not obstacles. This is the beginning of spiritual maturity. Devoting your life to Jesus is beginning a new life of endless possibilities. Saul’s mind was renewed after meeting Jesus on his way to Damascus. He shifted from persecuting Christians to becoming a minister of the gospel. God will open your eyes to a new world when you choose Him as Saul did.

2. Your sacrifices will not be in vain

Your life takes a new direction when you devote yourself to Jesus. As Christians we are called to give up old habits that lead to sin, in exchange for living in His love. You are now born again in his mercy.

When Christ called out to us to partake of His kingdom he did not say that it was going to be easy. The fact is that we are faced with numerous decisions each day and the choice is ultimately up to us on how we exercise our free will.

Whilst it isn’t easy, the sacrifices that you make will not be in vain or go unnoticed. Do it heartily as if you are serving God and not men. God who sees in private shall reward you openly.

3. You will have a new identity

You get a new identity when you devote your life to Jesus. The Bible says that he who is in Christ is a new creature; the old things have passed and everything has become new. This is the new identity of everyone devoted to Jesus. You are no longer identified with sin. You have died with Christ and resurrected with him.

Cast aside the burden of past sins you carry and accept God’s tender forgiveness. He will also give you the grace to maintain righteousness and live a Holy life. More so, your new identity guarantees you eternal life in Christ Jesus.

4. You will attract has many graces

A new level brings higher glory. This is the secret of the staircase of blessings. When you are devoted to Jesus, your whole life revolves around him and the values of Christianity.

You will be more considerate of other people than you were before devoting yourself to Christ. Devotion is selfless and loving. It is a direct measure of your love for God – you love Him if you love your neighbor. Devotion puts you at the door of the blessings of God.

5. You will receive preferential treatment.

The disciples of Jesus were so close to the teacher compared to others who looked for Him day and night. Zaccheaus had to climb a sycamore tree to see Jesus, the paralytic man had to be brought in through the roof for Jesus to heal him, and the woman with an issue of blood sneaked on Jesus to touch His robe.

Peter had no difficulty having Jesus heal his mother-in-law who had a fever. Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ sisters, had also devoted their lives to Jesus and the ministry. Jesus wept when He visited them after Lazarus’ death and He resurrected Lazarus shortly afterward. Jesus will not let you drown in your sorrow. He is as devoted to you as you are to Him.

6. You shall be delivered from judgment

Devoting one’s life to God can bring a sense of peace and deliverance from judgment. Through a relationship with God, we seek forgiveness for our sins and find comfort in knowing that they are loved and accepted by a higher power.

Trusting in God’s plan and relying on His guidance can bring a sense of security, even in difficult times, and help to alleviate fears about judgment.

7. You shall receive abundance beyond measure

Devoting your life to Jesus is gaining, not losing. You serve the Lord with your possessions when you are devoted to Him. It looks like an outflow of resources and a heavy investment of your time, but this is not the case. Jesus promised a hundredfold for everything that you have when you devote your life to Him.

He shall multiply your riches so that you may not lack. The ministry of Jesus shall not make you poorer. Instead, you shall be like a lamp on a hill whose light cannot be hidden. The disciples of Jesus and the early church did not lack even after the ascension of Jesus. They remained united and the church multiplied greatly.

In conclusion, the journey of devotion has no regrets at all. It is a life-changing decision and many people will learn from you about the ending blessings of the Lord. It is not late to turn to the Lord. He is knocking at your door, open it for Him.

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