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Things To Keep In Mind Before Praying For Miracles

Praying for miracles

Miracles are a blessing. They indicate God’s work in our lives and send a strong signal to the world about His power. As Christians, we hold on to the promise of miracles that Christ had given to believers during his 3 ½ years’ ministry on earth.

It is human to think of a lot of things when we pray for miracles. “Will God do it? What if nothing happens?” But the Lord requires more from us in our Christian life.

The Authority Above

A miracle is an act of God beyond human understanding. It cannot be explained by science and the world calls it “impossible.” The end of human wisdom and knowledge is the beginning of God’s. He has the power to work miracles beyond what we can think of.

Jesus Christ raised the dead (Lazarus and Jairus’ daughter), fed the hungry (5,000 men with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish), healed the sick, and cleansed 10 lepers. He worked all these miracles by the power of the authority above.

Christ taught us to pray to the Father through His name while believing and we shall receive. This puts the responsibility of praying for miracles on our shoulders. Our duty as Christians is to pray while believing. It is at the moment of impossibility that miracles happen.

What You Need to Know When Praying for Miracles

1. God can and will do it

Before praying for miracles, you need to have absolute faith in God. There is no room for doubting the power of God. It is only a miracle if it is impossible; otherwise, wouldn’t the doctors do it? It is a miracle when we cannot explain it.

God always wants the best for us – the best health, family, relationship, job, and businesses. Jesus raised a very important issue with His disciples about the goodwill of God. He asked if men know to give good gifts to their children, how much more will it be with our heavenly Father?

2. Only God deserves all the glory

Neither the priest nor the prophet deserves the glory for the miracles that the Lord has done. Before praying for miracles, know whom to glorify. God does not share His glory with anyone else. When you glorify Him for the miracles he has done or will do, you gain favor before Him.

This makes it easier to pray for miracles from Him again. God will cut off the miracles already in your life if you do not glorify Him. What happened to King Nebuchadnezzar when He heaped praise on himself instead of glorifying God? 

3. The grace of God is greater than your sin

Be encouraged that you are not unqualified to receive God’s miracles. God does not look at your righteousness or lack of it before working a miracle for you. He looks at your faith. You are saved by grace and born into the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He promises to forgive you and save you from the sinful nature of the world. Sin can make you have a guilty conscience and have doubts about whether God can indeed do a miracle for you. The word of God says that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

4. God will answer you in your hour of need

Most of our relationships are seasonal. Everyone is in it because of their selfish interests. Our relationship with God as believers is not like this. God is a good friend and dependable even in times of need. Do not lose hope before you pray for miracles because God can still do it for you in your hour of need.

It does not matter if everyone has left you. God will glorify Himself through the miracle you are praying for. You are His child and He is your Father. Not once should you be discouraged because He will not do the miracle you need for the glory and honor of His name.

5. All miracles come through God

God is very powerful and He does miracles for His children when they pray for them. The devil is powerless and sometimes poses as God to deceive gullible believers. The Bible calls the devil a lion who roams around looking for prey to devour.

God has given us the power to defeat the devil and win the battle against him. Having the devil do a miracle for you is like living in a bubble. It will not take long before it bursts. However, the miracles of God have divine protection and are durable.

6. Salvation continues after the miracle

Before praying for miracles, you should be ready to continue holding on to salvation. Miracles are not a shortcut to getting saved. They are benefits enjoyed by believers. Do not abandon salvation after you have finally gotten what you want. The Lord is displeased by such opportunism.

Stay in salvation before the miracle, during, and after God has done it. Love the Lord for His goodness and not for the miracles He does for you. Continue practicing the faith after receiving the miracle and you shall be a true believer.

7. Your faith is the bridge to receiving your miracle

Miracles begin spiritually before they manifest physically. You have to see the miracle that God is doing in the spiritual realm first. This is possible only through faith. It is written that it is impossible to please God without faith. It is the link between ourselves and God.

Have faith before praying for any miracle and God shall answer your prayers faithfully. Christ taught that little faith as a mustard seed can move mountains – a big miracle. This is just what you need when praying for miracles.

In conclusion, a healthy spiritual life moves you closer to God. You get to know him better than you did. You also understand the promise of everlasting life to those who believe in Him.z This is a whole new level of spiritual understanding.

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