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How To Turn Suffering Into Your Advantage

turn suffering into advantage

Did you know you can use your problems and pains to your advantage? Suffering varies from one person to another. While suffering is never easy, you can reap benefits from it.

Here’s how your faith can turn suffering into something better for you in the future.

What is suffering?

Suffering is undergoing hardship, pain, or distress and is considered part of life. People experience different kinds of suffering. Emotional suffering relates to sadness, betrayal, blind rage, loneliness, and inadequacy. On the other hand, physical suffering is brought about by pain resulting primarily from illness and injury.

Everyone suffers in one way or another at some point in life. During that period, it is vital first to accept that you are going through suffering. There are several reasons one is likely to suffer. Knowing them is advantageous as it will help you know what action to take. The truth is that if you put all your focus on suffering, your chances of experiencing anything positive are minimal.

It is always challenging to deal with new pain or distress. Some people even get overwhelmed such that one kind of suffering leads to another. For example, one may undergo emotional suffering caused by a recent divorce, which may morph into depression or another illness. Professionals recommend examining what is causing suffering before taking any action about it.

Ways to use suffering to your advantage

Any form of suffering can be beneficial. However, you have to perceive it from a positive point of view. The following are five ways suffering can be advantageous to you.

Increased God’s power

You enjoy your hardships when you know it provides more opportunities for God to show His strength in your life. The tendency toward self-reliance that comes with suffering lessens the amount of heavenly force at work in your life. When Paul had a thorn in the flesh, he pleaded with the Lord thrice, but it did not depart from him.

Instead, God said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:7). Paul decided to be glad in his weakness so that the power of God would rest on him.

He boasted more joyfully in his infirmities and tribulations due to his suffering, which permitted the strength of Christ to rest upon him. Like Paul, you could increase power from God by delighting in hardships, difficulties, persecutions, and weaknesses.

Glorify God

The book of Job features Satan challenging the sincerity of Job’s worship. Satan claimed that Job’s worship was based on what God had blessed him with and that Job would curse God if He withdrew the rewards. However, when Job lost everything and continued to worship God, he glorified the Lord in front of Satan and all the angels.

Job continues to do so before everyone who reads the book of Job. You can honor God to a greater extent when you are suffering. In other words, you honor the Lord more when you remain devoted despite hardships, weaknesses, or pain.

You glorify God by remaining devoted to God even when suffering seems unexplainable, and there is no possible way to perceive a positive outcome.

Increase your desire for God’s presence

David was experiencing terrible sorrow in Psalm 63. His son was among the people he most likely loved in the entire universe. Nevertheless, the son rebelled against him, took the throne by force, and he was after killing David. David was in excruciating pain as a result of this. He was once the most potent monarch in history, and now he was fleeing from his son in the desert. Being in the desert caused him bodily pain, which seemed intolerable when coupled with mental misery.

In this situation, David did not seek vindication or his son to regain his senses. Also, he did not ask to return to the throne or recover what he had lost. Instead, his soul thirsted for and earnestly sought the Lord (Psalm 63:1).

Similarly, you could use your difficulties, stress, and pain to increase your hunger for God’s presence. Suffering can increase your thirst for God, restoring joy and providing you with satisfying, rich, and profound experiences of God’s presence.

Intensify prayer

Often than not, Christians make passionate, heartfelt, and intense prayers when in pain or need. Almost everyone has undergone the consequences of having a dull and dry heart toward God, which leads to weak and passionless prayers. Sometimes God did not need to bring hardship because we were zealous in our prayers in the absence of suffering.

However, if the pain is necessary to rekindle our passion for pursuing God, it is worth it. The value of passionate prayer is immeasurable, yet it is rare. God is to be praised for providing us with the pain we require to motivate us to pray earnestly. Pour out your heart in intense and earnest prayer while you are in pain to receive this benefit.

Motivates change

Pain can encourage you to stop doing something so that you can figure out what is wrong. Once you identify the problem, you can stop harming yourself. Emotional pain works the same way. It motivates you to take action to address issues within your soul. Sometimes you may experience suffering due to negative attitude, behavior, or thoughts.

When pain becomes strong enough, it motivates you to find the cause. It would be unloving for God to let us wander from Him without experiencing consequences. Without a doubt, we would stray far away from Him. Thus, use your troubles to assess your behavior, thoughts, or motives. Subsequently, you can change accordingly for the better.


Psalm 119:67 reminds us that obedience comes through suffering. God uses pain or other forms of suffering to increase our obedience. Perseverance, humility, hope, and character are some godly qualities you can obtain through suffering.

Suffering increases your dependence on God and stops you from thinking you can live without Him. It is a training through which you become pure and righteous before God.

You now know that something good can come out of your suffering. Ensure to focus on the benefits of your situation the next time you experience hardship, pain, or sorrow.

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