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4 Ways to Supercharge Your Relationship With God

Supercharge your relationship with god
Here's how to start growing closer to God in 4 simple ways.

The Roses and Thorns

Relationships make our lives very beautiful. Ask those already paired up what their relationship with their partner feels like. Do they enjoy it or do they have any regrets? Some will tell you that they cannot imagine what their lives would be like if they had not met their partners. Their lives are as beautiful as roses. What elegance! While still on it, remember roses have thorns. Don’t they? They will prick you if you do not handle them carefully.

The Basis of a Healthy Relationship with God

What can we say about the health of our relationship with God? Are we proud of it or we would like to do more about it? Our relationship with other people reflects ours with God. The scriptures say that you cannot hate the brother you see and love an invisible God. This makes perfect sense considering the level of hypocrisy that some people have. Let’s narrow down to the causes of conflict between man and God:

  • Mortal desires

The flesh and spirit are constantly in conflict. God’s will can only be fulfilled by following the desires of the spirit. A case in point is when Jesus took His disciples to the mountain to pray. Instead, they fell asleep immediately Jesus went a short distance to pray. On coming back, He was disappointed at their weakness – sleep – wishing that they could pray for at least an hour. Their spirit was willing but their flesh was weak. Similarly, our flesh is weak when the spirit is willing.

  • Sinful nature of man

We are descendants of Adam – the first man through whom sin entered the world. We have inherited his sinful nature and we cannot save ourselves from it. We may have good intentions but fulfilling them is difficult because our sinful nature will not let us. It makes Him not draw near us.

  • Faithlessness

Faith is God’s minimum in having a healthy relationship with us. The scriptures say that it is impossible to please Him without faith. It is a link between God and man. Some people do not believe in the existence of God. Their unbelief is the primary source of conflict with God. They do not have faith in God despite His many great acts over their lives. God shall conflict with them until the moment they turn away from faithlessness.

  • Miscommunication

Quite a good number of Christians have not known how God communicates with His people. They only know how they can talk to Him but not how He can respond to them. Such communication breakdown is a source of conflict because man will not know how God has responded to their prayers. Here is a closer example: two people in a conversation and one dominates it without hearing what the other has to say. This is an exact replication of how we communicate with God.

4 Powerful Ways of Reconciliation

We can reconcile with God after understanding the causes of conflict. He loves us too much and is ready to embrace us when we decide to right our wrongs. Here is how we can reconcile:

Trust In Faith, Not Sight

The scriptures say that the just shall live by faith and not sight. We need to be on the same wavelength with God. We need to walk in the spirit because the flesh cannot manifest God’s will. Reading the bible regularly will strengthen our spirit to understand what He requires of us.

Being With a Renewed Spirit

This wisdom of being born again was not revealed until Nicodemus approached Jesus for clarity on the same. The sinful nature of man is a source of conflict between God and us. We can be born again into the spirit of God and become His children. Following God’s commandments is not difficult as children born into His kingdom.

Seek Him First In All Things

One man completely captured God’s heart. He is Abraham. His relationship with God was the best to the extent of God referring to him as His friend. We would want that someday, wouldn’t we? Friends have a higher understanding of each other. They do not do something that they know will offend their friend. Abrahamic faith is completely trusting in God even with your life. This level of understanding will build a good relationship with your creator.

Prayer At The Centre of Your Life

Prayer is the major communication between man and God. You need to not only talk to Him but also hear what He says to you. His expectations to you will be clear and you will never willfully offend Him. A prayerful life sharpens your understanding of the will of God and makes you a better Christian.

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