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Why Do We Regard Mary As Our Mother?

Many Christians are often confused as to why we should reserve praise and adoration for the the Virgin Mary. Why not just go straight to Jesus himself instead of having to pray through Mary as a conduit?

Our Christian faith calls us to develop a profound relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of her unwavering faith, dedication to the Lord and unshakable love for Jesus, Mary wants everyone to know and love Him too. As the conduit for the most important miracle on earth, the Holy Mother also intercedes on our behalf for miracles and urgent help in times of need.

It is not a matter of shifting our focus away from Jesus and onto Mary, but rather about recognizing that a deep and abiding love for Mary serves to amplify and enhance our love for Jesus.

The Reflective Light That Leads to Christ

Mary’s central role in Christianity becomes clear when we recognize how intimately she is tied to Jesus. She reflects His divine light, and to know her is to know Him better. Just as a mirror can help us understand the features of our face more clearly, Mary, as a reflective surface of Jesus’ grace and truth, gives us a fuller picture of who Jesus is.

“Behold, your Mother!”

In John 19:26-27, as Jesus was suffering on the cross taking His last breaths, He say Mary and the disciple whom He loved standing near and said to them.

He said to His mother, ‘Woman, behold, your son!’ Then He said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother!’ And from that hour on the disciple took her to his own home.”

The disciple that Jesus loved represents the relationship between the Virgin Mary and that of men, who are all beloved “disciples” of the living Christ. What Jesus is essentially proclaiming is that just as Mary must know embrace all humanity as her children, so too are we called to treat her as our Holy Mother. She who is without sin and the conduit of the greatest miracles, shall now look after all His beloved children as their mother.

This is a profound call for us to invite Mary into our hearts and homes, just as the beloved disciple did, and to cherish this divine bond that we have with our dearest mother. As our relationship and love with the Virgin Mary grows, it also serves to deepen our bond with Jesus for she always leads us back to Him.

The Prayers of Our Lady

The early Church understood this dynamic well. They turned to Our Lady for her assistance, relying on her prayers as they prepared for Pentecost. Today we are invited to do the same.

Mary is not a passive figure in our faith. She is a valuable ally, aiding us just as she did the early Church. Through her prayers and intercessions, she helps us seek the gift of the Holy Spirit, drawing us ever closer to Jesus. It is in this drawing closer that we truly understand the nature of our faith.

Our relationship with Mary is a grace-filled path that leads us to a deeper connection with Jesus. To love and know Mary is to amplify our love for Jesus. By inviting Mary into our hearts and embracing her as our spiritual mother, we follow the example set by the early Church and indeed Jesus himself. This practice aids our spiritual growth, as the prayers of Our Lady prepare us for the indwelling of the Spirit and draw us closer to Jesus, the source of our salvation. Let us engage in a vibrant relationship with Mary, confident that such a bond only strengthens our connection with Jesus.

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