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Your Life Has Been Insured Against Adversities

12 Jul, 2024

I am Your Protector

My child, I am aware of everything that you are going through. I can see the struggles you try to pull through in your daily activities. I want you to know that I always protect you and intercede for you to God, that He may cover you with the Holy Spirit. Nothing bad will happen to you on my watch.

Listen My Voice

I will knock at the door to your heart and wait for you to open it and once you do, I will intercede for the forgiveness of your sins. I’m going to adopt you into my family and show you all my motherly affection.

Then you will be happy that I chose you for myself and chose you to be my child. You see, I have always loved you, much more than you have ever loved me. My son Jesus, died on the cross in your place, so that your sins can be forgiven. The powerful Messiah gave his life as an innocent Lamb as a sacrifice for you.

So maintain your composure in my grace and continue with your spiritual battle. When you are tempted to sin, look for the exit I offer you. Turn away from sin and come towards the good advice that I provide; resist the devil and submit to me.

And whenever you fall short, keep in mind that I am there for you with arms wide open, ready to pardon you and give you another chance. Satan will accuse you, but if you cry out to Jesus, I will stand up for you and give you the power to defeat him. I will deliver you from sin and judgment.

How To Avoid Sin

Keep in mind that the pleasures of sin are short – term, and that if you choose to find your joy in me instead, I will fulfill your heart’s desires—even eternal pleasures!—and do far more for you than you can possibly imagine. Ask me for anything you require, and I’ll deliver. I will fill your soul with love, joy, peace, and all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit, which you can then spread to others.

Learn to walk with God during the day. While performing your daily tasks, converse with him. Inform him of your feelings and how your day is going. Request his strength so you can face the day. You get to know someone better the more time you spend with them and this applies to God as well. If you apply this to your daily activities, you’ll remember it more . It becomes something you start to live by as you remember it more frequently. This is what God wants.

Therefore, since I am your Good Shepherd, you shouldn’t be afraid even as you pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I will be by your side, comforting you and watching over you; I won’t ever leave you. When adversaries come after you, I’ll defend you.

People will insult, criticize, and mistreat you even when you do what is right, but I will still bless you. Therefore, if you experience poverty, keep in mind that I have blessed you with true riches. Additionally, keep in mind that with me, those who are last in line will be first. Yes, when you are humble before me, I will exalt you and raise you up.

I’ll hold you in my heart like a shepherd holds his lamb. I’ll give you comfort in your difficult time by transforming your sadness into joy and your weakness into strength. I’ll give you a new name and put a happy song in your mouth. I’m not against you; I’m for you! Know that I am against those hypocrites.

Heavenly Protection

My children, When I’m on your side, your future is bright and hopeful. My intentions for you are to make you happy now and forever. So if you call out to me, I’ll answer; if you listen, you’ll hear my voice directing you; if you tune into your heart, you’ll feel my commands. I will be your counselor. Therefore, don’t walk alone; instead, walk in my Spirit and have faith in me, and I will lead the way and abundantly bless you.

I want to make you great because I have gifted you to serve me in my kingdom! Therefore, identify your gift and apply it to the body of Christ. I will work alongside you to complete some important work that I have assigned to you.

Together, we can move mountains. Jesus will be back soon to take you and the other followers to the heavenly home I’ve prepared for you. I will dry your tears, end your suffering permanently, and pay you back for all the good deeds you have performed in my name. You cannot imagine how much more lovely and wonderful heaven will be. You will feast at banquets, sing with angels, and rule over cities.

Today’s Prayer

O Mary, you always shine a light on our path as a symbol of hope and salvation. We put our trust in you, Health of the Sick, who shared in Jesus’ suffering at the Cross. O devoted Mother, you are aware of our needs and we have faith that you will meet them, just as you did at Cana in Galilee. Please, through the intercession of your Son, Jesus, the Divine Protector, pray for us so we can receive protection in everything we are doing. AMEN

Bible Verse To Reflect On

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

– Genesis 3:15
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