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12 Jul, 2024

Our Lady of Loreto – Trust In Her Immaculate Will

Who Exactly Is Our Lady of Loreto?

When Archangel Gabriel was sent to Virgin Mary to pass a message that she would conceive and bear a son through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Loreto house witnessed that mysterious moment of the immaculate conception. Jesus grew up in Nazareth while living in this holy house until he commenced his ministry at age 30.

Today, the holy house is located in Loreto, Italy as it was miraculously transported by angels from Nazareth to Croatia and then to Recanati before its present Loreto home. Hosting a statue of the Blessed Virgin, it is a Marian shrine and remains a house of worship and pilgrimage.

Today we pray to Our Lady of Loreto to beseech her to intercede for our families. Having brought up a family, Our Lady understands there are challenges in the family setup. Whenever we are facing challenges in our marriages, Our Lady is there to help us find peace as she shared with Joseph in their home. When our children turn their backs against us, we pray to her that they may have the grace and obedience as Jesus had in the holy house. Just like the blessed family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we pray to our lady for peace and happiness.

Help Will Come to Those Who Seek

Young men and women who are preparing to get married should pray to Our Lady of Loreto as they seek their spouses. Despite having a virgin conception, Joseph listened to the message of the angel and went ahead to marry her. If you are looking for a spouse, implore Our lady’s help that you may find a spouse who has a great reference for God as well as filled with the Holy Spirit just like Joseph. If you feel like the people of this generation are untrustworthy and you have lost hope in getting into the institution of marriage possibly because you have been betrayed numerous times and your heart broken into pieces, implore the help of Our Lady and with the love of a mother, she will surely grant you your wish.

In life, we undergo plenty of challenges some of which we have no control over. Some of us are feeling so hopeless at the moment and we have lost our purpose of existence. Our daily activities are filled with a feeling of emptiness and fatigue and instead of living, we are merely existing.

Slowly we are falling into depression despite smiling broadly and laughing out loud in the midst of others. The majority of us are suffering from the pain of losing our loved ones to death. We were happy when they were in their lives and they brought happiness and peace to our homes. Unfortunately, when the cruel jaws of death took them away we were left empty and in pain. In our hearts, there are voids and wounds that no human can ever fill and heal.

Even with the passing of time, we still hurt at the memory of them, and if we had one wish; it probably would be to see them just one more time. When we implore the help of Our Lady, she will ease our suffering and help us find more meaning in life.

Devotion to Our Lady of Loreto

Our Lady of Loreto is the cord between God and us through her son Jesus. Today we are called upon to look up to Our lady of Loreto since we are her children. If you have experienced such sufferings and pain and you would like to speak to our lady; Look for a quiet place, look deep within yourself and implore the help of our lady of Loreto by saying this prayer:

“Oh Our Lady of Loreto, Most Blessed Mother, Look upon my life with your motherly love. You know very well that the emptiness and pain in my heart know no boundaries. There are days and moments I feel like giving up on life and letting go. Today, I look up to you Oh mother, I implore you to intercede for me to your beloved son Jesus that I may find inner peace and healing. That the mountains in my life may be flattened and I may overcome the challenges that life has brought on my way. Just like the peace and happiness filled your Holy House, may my soul find a home in the universe and may I learn to give thanks and praise to God in all circumstances. This I Pray through the name of Jesus, Amen.”
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