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12 Jul, 2024

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – She Will Never Turn Away Those In Need


There are many titles attributed to Our Lady. All of them, in one way or the other, captures one of her miraculous wonders.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help first originated as an icon in the hands of a fifteenth-century artist, Saint Lazarus Zographos.

 Mary is carrying Jesus in her hands in the icon, with two angels hovering on both corners. Even more interesting to note is Jesus’ slipping sandals.

All beautifully painted on a gold background.

The two angels are carrying objects that depict the fate of Jesus- His passion and His cross.

The angel on the right, Angel Gabriel, is holding the cross and nails while on the left Angel Michael is carrying the spear, wine-soaked sponge and the crown of thorns.

Jesus, a tender and feeble youth, flees to His mother in the face of hovering danger- His passion. His cross.

In His flight, his sandal is let loose and on the verge of falling off.


In the most motherly of all loves, Mother Mary soothes Jesus in her arms, a gesture that assures Him of her consolations. She also passionately looks down on us to do the same in the face of overbearing danger.

Only if we can learn from Jesus to flee to our Lady in the lonely moments that sparse our day, in the fleeting moments that tend to steal our tranquility, but most of all, during the long hours afflicted with pain.

Pain, as when we find ourselves in a quarrel with a mate, friend, or spouse.
Pain, as when we couldn’t get just what we desire or lose what we cherish.
Pain, as in the event of losing a loved one, or in the manner of being rejected, humiliated and left at the mercy of life’s peril.

In these moments, let us remember what Jesus did, to seek consolation and help in the very place it is assured to be found. In the hands of our Lady, ever soothing and welcoming.

What a life full of joy we will live knowing that mother Mary is there for us. An unfair privilege to have someone ever ready to hear and help us out.

Tell her everything. This is the fastest way to build strong intimacy with her. Tell her about how cool your night was, about the stifling traffic on your way to work, and what you enjoyed most in your day.

From the luminous of events to the most sullen. Bring her in and don’t let her wait patiently by the corner.

Make her a friend, a mother, then a helper.

Tell me, do you wait to encounter difficulties before you have something to tell a dear friend? What makes you think the same approach cannot be used to secure our Lady’s friendship? Could it be your lack of faith?

Put in the effort every day to let her in, to live every moment with her. Even when you feel like she is not there. Just open up. Say it to her hearing. To your relief, you will realize a truckload of sorrows lifted off you.

Our Lady of Perpetual help goes a long way to reassure all Christians, especially her devotees, that she will always be there for us. Let us then feel free in a child-like tenderness to seek the comfort of our mother. In ours sorrows, in our passions.

Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mother, you know more than I do that there will always be situations that keep us in want of help.

As humans, as weak as we are, in one way or the other, from moment to moment will have our hands outstretched in want of love, strength, or help.

In those moments mother, I confidently believe that when I run to you, I will be soothed like Jesus was soothed. In your warm and tender palms.

I am a sinner but look not on my sins when I beckon on you for your perpetual help. Look down upon me with mercy and relieve me of my pains, passions, and sorrows.

Be there for me when my feet are slipping and sets me on the verge of falling off.

Like you were to Jesus please be my place of solace. Even in the face of uncertainties, grant me hope.

I wish to live every day in the abundance of your perpetual help especially when I arrive at the roads where others have perverted, or expected to do so. Help me to say no to things you will frown at.

These I ask, oh Mother of Perpetual Help, and strongly believe that from your abundance it will be granted to me. Amen.

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