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12 Jul, 2024

Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal – Do You Believe In Miracles?

Who Is Our Lady of Miraculous Medal?

This is a story of a novice of Daughters of Charity. A 24-year-old Christine Laboure whose life witnessed various apparitions. She admitted St Vincent de Paul visited her dream, inviting her to join the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity. She also reported seeing our Lord Jesus in the eucharist beyond the bread, instead, as crucified Christ.

The apparition for which she is known is, however, that of our lady of miraculous medal. On the 18th of July, 1830 young Christine was awakened by a child who she identified as her guardian angel. The child informed her that the virgin Mary was waiting for her. She followed the child to the chapel where she met our lady sitting by the right side of the altar.

Our lady appeared to her again on the 27th of November of the same year by 5:30 pm. It was during meditation and our lady showed herself in a frame, which was to become the model of the miraculous medal. In the frame, our lady is standing on a half globe and her feet are crushing a snake’s head. The margin of the frame our lady is standing in reads – “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

Our lady’s hands were dazzling with precious stones emitting light with different intensities. Mother Mary told Christine that the precious stones represent graces that people ask for, and that will be granted to her devotees.

This description happened to be just one face of the medal. As Christine watched, the oval frame that contained our lady rotated revealing the opposite face of the medal. This side of the medal shows a symbol of the cross and the letter M at the base of the cross. Beneath the M lies the Sacred heart of Jesus with thorns and the Immaculate of Mary pierced with swords. The outer ends of this face of the medal are dotted with 12 stars.  

Our Lady instructed Christine to have a medal forged in that model. Her promise to those that wear the medal goes thus- “All the people who will wear it will receive great graces especially if they wear it on their neck; graces will be generous for those who will wear it with trust.”

Our Lady Revealed Her Love

This time she used a novice as a medium to bring forth a gift to the world. Despite being in heaven with God, she also kept her presence with us.

She has never failed in her motherly duties. Even going out of her way to make herself seen and felt in the ordinary realm to chosen persons. To become a goldsmith and mold us a medal.

It is striking to realize she has never come empty-handed. She is not to be reminded that we are in dire need of her gifts, graces, and miraculous interventions. She comes with them on each visit.

Quite envious, we have a mother who cares and sees to our needs. A phenomenon her devotees, you and I, should pride ourselves on.

Our lady of miraculous is spectacular in that she came with a gift that contained innumerable graces for the myriad of life’s demanding situations. There is no situation in our life without a fitting grace that can be utilized to pass through.

Our lady has provided for everything in her miraculous medal. It is left for us to obey and trust her.

Devotion to Our Lady of Miraculous Medal

Oh, medal of miraculous wonders, glamorous, beautiful, and filled with love. You brought a gift of yourself and showered generous graces on us.

Help us commit our life to live up to your expectations so that we can obtain the graces attached to this medal.

With your help, we can endure the burdens of our earthly struggles especially with this miraculous medal of yours full of graces.

Help us in each moment with the exact grace needed to scale through and overcome all our temptations.

Oh mother, make us walk confidently in this life like children who have a miraculous mother with all graces. Give us the courage to overcome, a zealous heart to persevere and the grace to defeat the life we find ourselves in.

Be with us and tender us with your consoling grace in stifling moments so we do not give away or lose ourselves.

We ask and firmly trust that you will do these for us. Amen.

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